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Equine Stunts

Equine stunts is the most experienced equine unit in the Irish film industry and the company directory and horse master Ciarán Hanlon has been heavily involved in the business since 2010. With a whole host of credits to our name and a wide variety of stunts logged on film from productions like the BBC'S Redwater to feature films that include pilgrimage with a host of A list cast.

The company is based around the experience Ciarán has built up in the equine industry over a 25 yr span. His knowledge ranges from working with thoroughbreds for Darley and Godolphin to representing Ireland for 15 yrs as a professional rider and the going on to coach in the Norwegian national team while also training horses and riders all over the world including N.Z Australia, Canada , America and mainland Europe. Ciarán also specialises in training problem horses which lends it self nicely to training horses how to preform on set and become efficient and accurate performer's.

At equine stunts we have a wide range of horses and performer’s to hand and as result the ability to double any actor in any situation. We also provide a wide range of horses that have all been trained to a very high standard. We work in conjunction with Thomas at T Clarke Carriages to provide all requirements for carriage horses and carriages for set. With Thomas on board there is no equine need or scenario that we cannot take care of. We have a wide base of contacts in the equine world and this allows us to be able to relocate to any part of Ireland and provide a local based service but also provide a wealth of experience . We work to a very high safety standard and as a result We have an impeccable safety record due to our training rehearsal and experience.

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